Mikropor dryer

New line NM series: In-line filters for dryers

Today we present our new in-line filters for dryers.

A high efficiency product perfectly compliant with the original standard dedicated to the Mikropor MKE Series.
The performance of the filters directly affects the pressure drop and system performance. Therefore, it is very important that the filter elements are changed at the service time as indicated by the warning on your Mikropor Air Dryer.  With new filters it is possible to increase the efficiency of the dryer saving power at the same time.
Our references include 2 filters in compliance with the original KIT.


NM 002195 = MKO150KIT
NM 002196 = MKO500KIT
NM 002197 = MKO851KIT
NM 002198 = MKO1210KIT
NM 002199 = MKO50KIT
NM 002200 = MKO70KIT
NM 002201 = MKO1820KIT
NM 002202 = MKO2700KIT