Noitech new look!

Here we are! After several months of work and attention to detail, our new website is finally online!
Completely renewed in its graphic look, our new website enhances the colours of Noitech, blue symbol of reliability, green symbol of growth and white that represents the will to be innovative.

The graphic and structural restyling is designed to make the site a practical tool, to support the activities of professionals of compressors and vacuum pumps, in the daily search for products, having all the information available in a few clicks on both desktop and smartphone.

There is much more.

From now on, exclusively for selected customers, is available the e-commerce platform to place orders directly from our site.

A totally new portal, with reserved access, that will allow you to:

• Check stock availability in real time

• Ordering faster and without errors

• Receiving an even more punctual and dedicated service

If you wish to get the access to Noitech portal, write to: